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646f9e108c In search of money and freedom from the American justice system, criminals from the United States moved to Eastern Europe, where the laws were replaced by the crime after the collapse of the Communist system. Many of them chose Prague as their hideout, where crime lords were willing to pay a suitable sum of money to assassins in order to eliminate their rivals. One such assassin, Ray Carver (<a href=">Cuba Gooding Jr.), works for two rival gangs as their main killer. When Ray attempts to murder a Chechen drug lord, he is being pursued by the mobsters. Meanwhile, Suverov mafia hires Alexey &#39;The Wolf&#39; Andreev (<a href=">Dolph Lundgren), an assassin from Russia who is rumored to be not existent. This is when the real gang war starts.
A seasoned assassin plays both sides in a Russian gang war and becomes the target of an unknown enemy.
Based on reviews by other 3 reviewers, I decided to give this movie a go especially since Cuba Gooding Jr and Dolf Lungdren were in it. Couldn&#39;t be all that bad right? After all Cuba Gooding Jr did hell of a job in Jerry Maguire. I gotta say, I was rather disappointed with the movie. Guess its OK if you&#39;re bored stiff and brain dead from a long day at work and don&#39;t wanna have to spend more brain juice figuring out the plot. This movie has an incredibly weak plot. It almost seems like it was written by a pimpled teenager who&#39;s trying hard to produce a work comparable to Mission Impossible or the Bourne series of films. Attempts at being &quot;cool&quot; fall flat time and again. Dolf Lungdren, who is dress perpetually in a tacky Hawaiin shirt and a hat appears in corners in the middle of gun fights looking as unperturbed as a beach goer looking at a fly buzzing round his pina colada. Utters a &quot;cool&quot; punchline, pulls out a couple of 9mm guns and kills 10 machine gun totting baddies in the room within 10 seconds. Meanwhile, the baddies spray a million bullets at him but seem to miss totally for some obscure reason. Cuba Gooding Jr just doesn&#39;t look the part. He&#39;s supposed to be some super skilled hit-man with Jason Bourne type fighting prowess and shooting skills which would make the top marksman in the US army writhe in inadequacy. But the woeful lack of character development and his wiry physique just doesn&#39;t cut it. Will I recommend this movie to anyone? Nope. Will I watch it again? Nope Will I remember watching this movie in 3 months? Maybe. Just because it&#39;s pretty bad Will I watch it if I had known it was this bad? Nope. Unless my white noise machine was broken and the sound of silence was killing me. And I desperately needed some background noise… Then maybe. Just maybe……
Director William Kaufman&#39;s &quot;One in the Chamber&quot; is a nimble, respectable, bullet-riddled, little shoot&#39;em up, with Oscar winner Cuba Gooding Jr. and &quot;Expendables&quot; star Dolph Lundgren as two hired trouble-shooters gunning for each other in the middle of a Russian mob war in post-Socialist Prague. About an hour into the action, Cuba and Dolph mix it up in a reasonably exciting fight, with Cuba delivering spinning kills a la Jean Claude Van Damme. The opposing sides of the Czech mob war are headed up by genre regular Louis Mandylor and Andrew Bicknell. Mikhail Suverov (Andrew Bicknell) and brother Bobby (Leo Gregory) hire Ray Carver (Cuba Gooding Jr.) to rub out Vlad Tavanian (Alin Panc) and Demyan Ivanov (Louis Mandylor), but Ray misses Demyan. This is one of the early scenes in &quot;One in the Chamber&quot; and Cuba is ice cool as an assassin with a .50 caliber sniper rifle who nails what he shoots at until Demyan seizes an innocent bystander of a girl as a shield. Demyan hires a troubleshooter called the Wolf, Aleksey Andreev (Dolph Lundgren), to eliminate the Suverovs. Ray is haunted by a job where he killed a man perusing the Bible and then refused to kill a small girl. He runs across this girl and she recognizes her family Bible. Things get complicated when Mikhail abducts Janice Knowles (Claudia Bassols) and Ray goes after them. Kaufman stages the firefights well enough and the Romanian scenery is diverting. The narrative is strictly formulaic, but &quot;One in the Chamber&quot; is tolerably entertaining nonsense. Dolph steals the show with his larger-than-life hit-man in a Hawaii shirt and a fedora. For the record, Ray has the chance to kill Aleksey, but he refuses to, and Aleksey visits him at fade-out to ask why. Ray explains that he wasn&#39;t paid to kill him. The two vow to join forces in the future. Louis Mandylor makes a good psychotic villain.

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